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Gérald FRAPECH, Armand ANAVE, Laura AGRINIER, Ophélie GIBELIN, Sébastien ROUMAJON are supported by a team composed of :

A SPECIALIST IN TAX LAW, Alain BERTAUD: Graduate of ENI (École Nationale des Impôts)

Holder of a Master’s degree in economic sciences from Clermont-Ferrand,
Former tax inspector.

AN ACCOUNTANT, Mrs. Manuela DESCHAMPS : 20 years of experience in accounting and law firms.

TWO EXPERIENCED LEGAL ASSISTANTS, one of whom is a legal assistant .

Members of the JURCO law firm


Gérald Frapech

Lawyer at the NICE Bar

Armand Anave

Lawyer at the NICE Bar

Laura Agrinier

Legal Counsel

Ophélie Gibelin

Lawyer at the NICE Bar

Paloma Locatelli

Lawyer at the NICE Bar

Sébastien Roumajon

Lawyer at the NICE Bar


Manuelle Deschamps


Caroline Delisse

Legal Assistant

Mathilde Dessi

Legal Assistant

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